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Seashore Early Childhood Academy

Our Mission

The mission of the Island Foundation Private Education Program is to provide an early childhood education program and school age after school care activities dedicated to developing self-esteem, confidence, and social skills while delivering an educational curriculum which focuses on the whole child.

Our Vision

We envision a school in which children love to learn, staff is open to professional growth and parents are actively involved. With a variety of experiences and backgrounds that parents contribute, they are a valuable resource. We see the parents, staff and board members modeling the very behavior they teach: cooperation, courtesy and respect. We see a school in which communication is open, honest and kind and where all participants are working to be their best. Our vision is that of a school that grows in enrollment because of parents’ enthusiastic support.

Our Values

In accomplishing our mission, we:
Value each child’s language, intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative development
Value the dignity of each child, parent and staff member
Are guided by respect for self, for others, and for the environment
Affirm the joy of doing one’s best
Enable the success of each person by providing a professional, caring and nurturing school
Provide an environment in which children develop their talents in a cooperative atmosphere
Value communication that is open, honest, and kind


Dear Families:

Welcome to Seashore Early Childhood Academy (SECA), an Island Foundation Private Education Program (PEP). We strive to offer your child, care and learning opportunities that meet the goals of your family through the team effort of parent, student, and staff.

We provide a Preschool Program dedicated to developing self-esteem, confidence, and social skills in 3 – 5 years of age, while delivering an exemplary educational curriculum which focuses on the whole child.

Our K-4th grade After School Care (ASC), and our Summer Programs provide safe, fun-filled activities for families who desire stimulating, educational, and entertaining opportunities for their children.

Thank you for allowing us to help educate your child in an innovative, creative atmosphere with a vision of creating lifelong learners.

If you have any questions or would like a tour of SECA preschool, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the journey!

Dawna Nims
Seashore Early Childhood Care/PEP Director
[email protected]


Seashore Early Childhood Academy is a state licensed, educational facility serving children from ages three years through five years.
Our Center
7:30am to 5:55pm
Monday - Friday
Preschool Program
7:30am to 5:55pm
Monday - Friday
Day Program
7:30am to 2:45pm
Monday - Friday

Maximize Development

To maximize early development and learning, our curriculum is focused on the following:
Physical well-being, motor development and independence
Social and emotional development
Quality approaches toward learning
Language development and
Cognition and general knowledge