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About Us

Welcome to Seashore Learning Center! We are happy you are considering becoming a new member of our Seashore Charter Schools Family.

Sometimes we hear “that’s not the way it was when I was in school,” and that’s the way it should be! As a charter school, we exist to provide an alternative to a traditional public school experience. As you are considering whether or not to enroll with us, please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Cherryl Carroll
Director, Seashore Learning Center


How Seashore Learning Center is Different

At SLC - Grades K - 4th
Instruction is mostly “hands-on” so you may see fewer worksheets/papers coming home
Learning is cooperative, which looks like busy classrooms where noise and movement are routine
Curriculum is a "living document", no one textbook or resource provides all the information for a subject

We do not use letter grades.  Focus is on demonstrated mastery of skills, which are reported on a skills checklist, not a traditional report card.

Parents provide all transportation to and from school

Parents provide lunch and snacks (no cafeteria)


Students wear a uniform

Seashore Learning Center is an open-enrollment, public charter school serving grades K-4. We provide an elementary education with a focus on college and career readiness for students living in Padre Island, Flour Bluff, Port Aransas, the Naval Air Station, and National Seashore.

Because SLC is a school of choice, parents and students considering this school should be committed to regular attendance and consistently turning in homework and completing assignments. In order for your students to be successful, this must be a goal shared by all. Please consider this school wide philosophy as you make your choice.

The mission of SLC is to provide an educational facility dedicated to developing self-esteem, confidence, and social skills, while providing a foundation for a child’s high level of academic achievement.