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    To Begin School August 18, 2021


    Dear Seashore Nation,

    Last week, administrators from SLC and SMA recently sent COVID protocols for each campus, respectively speaking.  In light of the August 5th, 2021, Public Health Guidance sent by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), we are sending out a revised COVID Protocol and Procedures for each campus. 

    The COVID Protocols are cohesive in nature, but also address particular procedures pertinent to students at SLC or SMA.

    We are excited about the new school year, and will do all that we can to keep our students, staff, and teachers safe.

    Have a great day.


    Christopher L Daniels Ed.D. 


    Seashore Middle Academy



    Seashore Charter Schools anti-bullying policy and reporting system.










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    • The difference between Island Foundation schools and other excellent schools is the dedication and hard work of the teachers and administration and the genuine interest that the faculty has for our kids. Our kids get a private school education tuition free.

      Nikki Moore